Slip and Fall Surgery

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall cases can come about due to a number of reasons, though they are often the result of inclement weather that has caused walkways to become covered in snow, ice, mud or water.  These conditions can lead to serious injuries from Slip and Fall accidents and in very serious cases surgery may be needed to repair the damage you sustain in your Slip and Fall.

Often the injuries in a Slip and Fall are most devastating to your legs.  Slip and Fall Attorneys often see clients who have suffered spiral fractures to long leg bones, broken ankles, as well as ligament and other soft tissue tears.  While Slip and Fall Attorneys see a wide range of injuries that result from Slip and Fall accidents the leg injuries can be the most serious because of the nature of a Slip and Fall on a dangerous conditions.  In many instances the Slip and Fall is not the classic slip and then fall on your back.  Often Slip and Fall Attorneys see Slip and Fall accidents where the injured party slipped and in an effort to stop their fall they contort their leg in an awkward fashion, which leads to the serious injury.  When these serious injuries occur and surgery is required it is important to speak with Slip and Fall Attorneys to make sure that the extensive medical costs are taken care of.

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