Slip and Fall Recorded Statements

Slip and Fall

After Slip and Fall accidents that happen at businesses or even on the private property of another it is important that you speak with Slip and Fall Attorneys to make sure that your rights and your case are protected.  It is very important to have talked with and hired Slip and Fall Attorneys when the property Insurer wants you to give a recorded statement.  At The Elster Firm we make sure that your Slip and Fall Attorney is present at any statement you give to the insurer.

A recorded statement is sought by the insurance company to get the facts of the accident.  The representative of the insurance company, who is usually not a lawyer, will ask you why you were on the premises where the accident happened; this is to make sure that you were allowed to be there.  The representative will also ask about how the accident happened and what caused the accident.  Finally, they will try to find out about the medical treatment you have had, so that they can learn more about the severity of your injuries.

It is important to have consulted with Slip and Fall Attorneys because they can make sure that statement sticks to the facts about the previously stated subjects.  Without Slip and Fall Attorneys to help make sure the statement stays within bounds, the representative may try to have you give him more information than is necessary at this stage and possibly even have you say something that seems harmless but can do damage to your case later on.  In conclusion, while the recorded statement is very informal and usually harmless it is always best to have engaged Slip and Fall Attorneys before speaking with the insurer.

If you have been involved in a Slip and Fall and are interested in speaking with Slip and Fall Attorneys contact The Elster Firm for a free consultation.

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