Seeing Your Own Doctor In a Workers Compensation Case

Workers Compensation

In Missouri the law requires your employer to pay for any medical treatment you may require as a result of your work injury and Workers Compensation case but that does not mean that when you suffer a work injury you are free to go to any doctor you wish and obtain any treatment you like without caveat.  While your employer must pay the cost of the medical treatment in your Workers Compensation case the law also affords them the ability to choose what doctors you will see and while you have the ability to go to any doctor, a visit to a doctor not chosen by your employer may mean that you have to pay the cost of that visit out of your own pocket.

The way that the system is setup makes it very important for you to have a Workers Compensation Lawyer on your side.  An unfortunate consequence of this arrangement is that in many cases the employer will send their injured worker to a doctor that will either under diagnose the problem or recommend less treatment than may be necessary to fully address the work injury.  When this happens your Workers Compensation Lawyer can work to help you obtain additional treatment or obtain payment for medical bills that were accrued from doctors you visited without the consent of your employer.

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