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Attorney Chris Elster

Workers Compensation

Attorney Chris Elster is the managing attorney for The Elster Firm.  He focuses his practice on helping individuals that are dealing with Personal Injuries, Workers Compensation Injuries and Social Security Disability cases.

Chris attended St. Louis Priory School in Saint Louis and from there he spent a year in UM-Kansas City’s six-year M.D. program, which has given him a unique understanding of his client’s injuries.  After deciding that he would like to explore other fields than medicine, Chris transferred to and graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in Political Science.  He immediately entered Saint Louis University School of Law on a Dean’s Scholarship and after three years obtained his J.D. and an award for academic excellence in Comparative Law.

Since graduation he has worked primarily in the fields of Personal Injury and Workers Compensation, as this allows him to put his legal skills to use while whetting his appetite for medical analysis.

In 2011 Chris decided to open The Elster Firm.  It was his opinion that too many attorneys take a mill approach to injury cases, in that cases get pushed through before they are ready and the best interests of the client are not always the focus.  The Elster Firm would change this.  The work would not be done primarily by paralegals or assistants.  The attorneys would have a more hands on role and clients would build a relationship with their attorney.  The best personal service we can offer is the standard.