You Need to Request Medical Treatment in Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

If you have been injured at work the Workers Compensation system that you will be forced into is very different than if you were injured in your everyday life.  That means that one of the first things you should do is contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer but even before you do that you will be best served by immediately requesting medical care for your Workers Compensation injury from your employer.

In a Workers Compensation case it is important that you let your employer know that you suffered a Workers Compensation injury early and often; additionally, it is equally important that you let your employer know that your injury requires medical care and you should request that your employer provide that care for for as long as you need it.  If your employer refuses to give you medical care for your Workers Compensation injury you should continue to request it even if you know the answer before you ask for it.

This course of action will allow your Workers Compensation Lawyer to do the best job possible for you.  Your repeated requests for medical treatment will be evidence that your Workers Compensation Lawyer will be able to use in showing that your employer knew about your accident, injury and need for treatment,as well as the employer’s liability for any medical bills you may personally incur as a result of your Workers Compensation case.

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