You Doctor’s Deposition in Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

One of the things that must be accomplished before your Workers Compensation Lawyer can bring your Workers Compensation case to a trial is the Deposition of your Doctor.  The Deposition of your Doctor in a Workers Compensation case will take place after you have undergone an IME with your Doctor and they have issued their report in reference to the IME.  Once your Workers Compensation Lawyer receives the IME report they will review it and forward a copy on to the attorney for your employer.  If your Workers Compensation Lawyer and the attorney for the employer cannot workout a settlement a Deposition of your Doctor will be scheduled.

In this deposition your Workers Compensation Lawyer is focused on getting the findings of your Doctor into evidence.  While the report lays out all of the Doctors findings, the report alone is not admissable as evidence in most situations.  As such, your Workers Compensation Lawyer will ask your doctor questions about their findings, as they were put forth in the IME report.  Additionally, the attorney for the employer will have the opportunity to cross-examine your doctor in an attempt to poke holes in the doctor’s analysis and weaken the strength of the testimony.  This can also help you and your Workers Compensation Lawyer, as they will be able to ask rebuttal questions that will help clarify and reinforce the doctor’s position.  Due to the significant back and forth and the importance of medical opinions in Workers Compensation cases the Doctor’s Deposition is very important and it is imperative to have a Workers Compensation Lawyer handle this in your case.

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