Wrongful Death Damages

Wrongful Death

In Missouri, the issue of Wrongful Death Damages is a more complex issue than one would think at first blush and the help of Personal Injury Attorneys can be the difference between little to no damages and the majority of the settlement.  First, it must be noted that under the Missouri Wrongful Death Statute any one defendant can only be sued once, which means that though you may have your own separate cause against a defendant for Wrongful Death, you will need to talk with Personal Injury Attorneys that will be able to make sure that your cause of action does not get lost in the wash.  This is not uncommon, as any party that is able to bring a lawsuit for Wrongful Death is also able to settle their Wrongful Death claim without the consent of other parties able to bring a claim and this could discharge your claim depending on the facts of the case; as such, consultation with Personal Injury Attorneys for Wrongful Death is paramount.

However, once a case has been settled or recovery is made that does not immediately put an end to the case.  In Missouri there is more that is required.  The Missouri statute compels the court to apportion damages amongst parties that are entitled to compensation for the Wrongful Death and because of this it may be necessary for every person that is able to collect for the Wrongful Death to have their own Personal Injury Attorneys, to make sure that their grounds for collection are presented to the court in the most compelling fashion possible.

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