Workers Compensation Total Disability

Workers Compensation

Most Workers Compensation cases that your Workers Compensation Lawyer deals with are termed as permanent partial disability or PPD.  What this means is that the injury that is the basis of your Workers Compensation case is permanent in nature but it is not so extensive that you will be unable to work as a result of the injury.  In Workers Compensation cases like this your Workers Compensation Lawyer will work to obtain some compensation for this permanent partial disability but it will most likely be a one time payment.

However, your Workers Compensation Lawyer can also help you when your injury is more severe and makes your Workers Compensation claim a claim for permanent total disability.  In this situation the injury you suffered alone or in conjunction with previous injuries or illnesses you may have is such that you are rendered unable to work in any capacity.  In most cases in order for your Workers Compensation Lawyer to obtain compensation for your permanent total disability, it will be necessary to add the Missouri Second Injury Fund as a party; in most instances it is the Second Injury Fund that is responsible for the disability payment.

Relative to the compensation you will receive, your Workers Compensation Lawyer can work to get you a lump sum for your disability or have your disability payments spread out over time.

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