Workers Compensation Torn Rotator Cuff

Workers Compensation

A torn rotator cuff is not an injury limited to the world of the professional athlete.  Workers Compensation Lawyers see this injury often for their Workers Compensation clients.  A rotator cuff tear is a serious injury that can require significant medical treatment and due to the complexity of the injury it is highly advisable that you have your Workers Compensation claim handled by a knowledgeable Workers Compensation Lawyer.

A rotator cuff tear is a shoulder injury.  In a Workers Compensation case this injury can come about from a single accident, such as a slip and fall where the worker lands roughly on their shoulder or it can also be an occupational injury that comes about from repetitive motion, like consistent over head work.

In either case it is important to consult a Workers Compensation Lawyer because dependent upon the severity of the injury the medical treatment can be substantial and may even include surgery and extensive physical therapy.  Your Workers Compensation Lawyer will help make sure you receive the necessary treatment, disability payments for any work you may miss as a result of your Workers Compensation injury and compensation for the loss of function in your shoulder.

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