Workers Compensation Third Party Liability

Workers Compensation

There are some injuries that your Workers Compensation Lawyer will be able to file multiple cases on your behalf for.  In most cases these are Workers Compensation claims where a third party is liable for the injury.  This means that you suffered a workers compensation injury or an injury that was caused by a duty of your work but another cause of this injury was the negligence of a third party.  Where a third party is liable for your injuries your Workers Compensation Lawyer may advise you to file a civil suit against the third party once your Workers Compensation case has been completed.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the way your Workers Compensation Lawyer handles your Workers Compensation case will not change.  Just because your Workers Compensation injury was caused by an outside party, that does not mean that you have fewer rights under Workers Compensation.  As such, your Workers Compensation Lawyer will continue to fight for your medical treatment and the greatest compensation due to you.

The difference will be when your Workers Compensation Lawyer files a case against the third party.  Here, the Workers Compensation insurer will most likely have a right to recover the costs of your Workers Compensation case.  As such, with any settlement or award not only will you pay your attorney’s fees but whatever amount is due to the Workers Compensation insurer; despite what may seem like a lot of money going out the door it is almost always worth the effort of an additional case.

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