Workers Compensation, The Charts

Workers Compensation

When you have been injured at work and you want to file a Workers Compensation claim you should always speak with a Workers Compensation Lawyer to handle your case.  The reason for this is that you probably have no idea what your case is worth or how to negotiate for what you believe is a fair settlement.  Without a Workers Compensation Lawyer you will be flying blind in a system that is very unforgiving to those not versed in Missouri Workers Compensation Law.

The biggest stumbling block to a person without any experience in Missouri Workers Compensation cases will be the charts.  Negotiation for a settlement in a Workers Compensation case often does not deal with dollar amounts.  Instead, your Workers Compensation Lawyer will negotiate over the amount of disability that you suffered.  The amount of disability is a number that can range from zero to one hundred and signifies the amount of permanent partial disability that your work injury has caused you.  This number is the basis for the value of your case and is something that your Workers Compensation Lawyer will work hard to inflate.

Once your Workers Compensation Lawyer has been able to negotiate a satisfactory disability value they must then plug that value into a formula to see what the actual dollar value of your Workers Compensation claim is.  The variables in this formula are based on the disability percentage, the part of the body that was injured and your rate of pay prior to and at the time of the injury.

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