Workers Compensation Subrogation

Workers Compensation

When you have suffered an injury at work a Workers Compensation Lawyer will in most cases tell you that your only way to obtain compensation for your injury is through the Workers Compensation system.  However, there are certain instances where your Workers Compensation Lawyer may be able to help you obtain compensation apart from and in addition to what your receive through  Workers Compensation.

When you have suffered an injury that is caused by the negligence of another person you still may be able to obtain compensation from them even if you were on the job when the accident occurred.  These cases can include car accidents or slip and fall accidents at locations other than your workplace.  In instances like this your Workers Compensation Lawyer may advise you to pursue a civil remedy when you have completed you Workers Compensation case and this brings up the issue of subrogation.

When you Workers Compensation Lawyer completes your Workers Compensation case the employer’s insurance will have paid you a sum of money as compensation.  However, if the accident was caused by the negligence of another any compensation you receive from that third party will also belong, in part, to your employer who previously compensated you.  The amount varies case by case and your Workers Compensation Lawyer has a formula to determine the exact amount but any money you must pay to your employer should be more than made up for by the additional lawsuit.

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