Workers Compensation Scars

Workers Compensation

When you suffer a work injury it often can result an injury that cannot be seen with the naked eye or if there is a physical manifestation it may quickly disappear.  However, at some point every Workers Compensation Lawyer has come across an injury that though it may heal, will leave physical scars and in certain situations those scars may be compensable under the Workers Compensation law.

While your Workers Compensation Lawyer would love to get you compensation for every scar you receive as a result of a work accident, this just is not possible.  Under the Workers Compensation law your Workers Compensation Lawyer can only get you compensation for disfigurement if the scarring takes place on you face, head or visible portions of your arms.  Scars on your body or that are hidden will not result in compensation, despite the best efforts of your Workers Compensation Lawyer.

If you think that you are entitled to compensation for scars that were the result of a workplace injury it is important to speak with a Workers Compensation Lawyer.  A Workers Compensation Lawyer will be able to deal with the special treatment disfiguring injuries get relative to all other injuries.

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