Workers Compensation Previous Injuries

Workers Compensation

For years the Workers Compensation Law in Missouri allowed the Workers Compensation Lawyer for an injured worker to look to the state’s Second Injury Fund for compensation for past injuries that did not occur in the injures worker’s current employment.  Due to the looming insolvency of the Second Injury Fund Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyers are going to find their options for compensation of clients’ past injuries to be limited.

The Workers Compensation law’s Second Injury Fund was set up after World War Two, as a way to ensure that injured veterans coming back from the war would have access to employment, despite injuries they may have suffered during their time in the service.  As time passed the Workers Compensation system saw the Second Injury Fund used less for injured or disabled veterans and more for the general public.  The increase in the pool of recipients led to an overtaxed system and a situation that has finally come to a head.

What this means today is that going forward the Second Injury Fund will only be available for instances of total disability and your Workers Compensation Lawyer will not be able to seek compensation from the fund for previous injuries that do not rise to the level of total disability.

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