Workers Compensation Pre-Hearing

Workers Compensation

When you have suffered a Workers Compensation injury and have had a Workers Compensation claim filed, which may have been done by your employer, you or your Workers Compensation Lawyer, you may eventually receive notice of a pre-hearing.  If you do receive such a notice it is likely that your Workers Compensation Lawyer will handle this on your behalf and no action will be required by you personally; however, if you do not have a Workers Compensation Lawyer at that point it is important that you speak to one so that they can help guide you in your case.

A Workers Compensation pre-hearing is not an actual hearing; no evidence will be presented to the Administrative Law Judge and no final decision will be issued by a Judge relative to your case.  The pre-hearing serves as a way for your Workers Compensation Lawyer and the lawyer for the employer to meet and discuss your case.  In most instances the pre-hearing will be continued for some period of time so that further action can be taken in your case; this can include completion of your medical treatment, collection of your medical records, receipt of the results of an IME or any number of other reasons.  However, once the majority of the workup on your case has been done, your Workers Compensation Lawyer may try to negotiate a settlement for your case or schedule a mediation with a Judge for the next appearance.  In any event, it is always good to have a Workers Compensation Lawyer representing you at a pre-hearing so that you know that your case is being handled with the proper care.

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