Workers Compensation Occupational Injuries

Workers Compensation

Many people think of Workers Compensation injuries as the result of a single accident that immediately cause an accident.  Examples of this include heavy lifting that results in a hernia or slip and fall at work that results in a broken bone.  However, a Workers Compensation Lawyer will also tell you that occupational injuries or repetitive motion injuries are also covered by Workers Compensation.

Occupational injuries or repetitive motion injuries differ from single accident injuries, in that they are caused by the very essence of the worker’s job duties.  The cumulative impact of your job duties may be the source of your disability.  The most common example of this comes from cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  There, due to repetitive work that requires a large manual component the worker is left with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  At The Elster Firm our Workers Compensation Lawyer has seen this happen in manufacturing workers that have to use machines with a great deal of vibration, in workers that work on computers for most of the day and food service workers that perform the same motion over and over again through out the day.

However, occupational injuries are not limited to cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  In fact, a Workers Compensation Lawyer can help with repetitive motion injuries involving the back, which often occur due to repetitive lifting, or shoulders, which often come about due to overhead work.  If you have any injury that you believe was caused by a repetitive activity required by your job duties you should contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer to see if you have any grounds for bringing a Workers Compensation Claim.

If you believe that you have recently contracted a disability due to the repetitive nature of your work, contact The Elster Firm to speak with a Workers Compensation Lawyer.

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