Workers Compensation Medical Records

Workers Compensation

Once your Workers Compensation Lawyer files a claim on your behalf the next major thing that they will do for you is obtain the medical records that relate to your treatment, that is why your Workers Compensation Lawyer will have you sign medical authorizations when you agree to have them handle your claim.  The medical records are the first piece of evidence your Workers Compensation Lawyer will use to prosecute your case.

No matter who you see for medical treatment, be it a doctor provided by your employer or your own doctor who you see with your own insurance, they will generate records about your treatment.  These records will often contain how the injury occurred, the opinion of the doctor as to the type and severity of the injury, the recommended treatment and the treatment done, along with the outcome.  Your Workers Compensation Lawyer will be very interested in what the medical records say for a few reasons.

First, this is often the only way that your Workers Compensation Lawyer and the judge can see the opinions of the treating physician; in most cases doctors that provide treatment do not testify in depositions or at hearings.  As such, the medical records are the only way to get a glimpse of the opinion of the only doctor that provided treatment in your case.  Second, medical records that show a clear accident and injury relationship can sometimes be enough to compel the employer’s insurer to settle the claim; this is the best case scenario as it limits the costs of building the case and maximizes the client’s recovery.  While waiting for your treatment records can be tedious it is necessary if you and your Workers Compensation Lawyer are going to prosecute your case.

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