Workers Compensation Fees

Workers Compensation

When you first speak with a Workers Compensation Lawyer there are many things going on.  While the basis of this first meeting is to let the Workers Compensation Lawyer know about your accident and Workers Compensation injury, this first meeting is also a chance for you to interview this prospective Workers Compensation Lawyer and they will be doing the same to you.

One of the major points in any job interview is the amount of payment and the same is true when you interview your Workers Compensation Lawyer.  First, everyone is aware of the attorney’s fees that the Workers Compensation Lawyer will charge but Workers Compensation cases are different than general Personal Injury cases.  In a normal Personal Injury case it is likely that your Personal Injury Attorney will take a fee of one-third of whatever they are able to obtain for you.  In a Workers Compensation case your Workers Compensation Lawyer is limited to a fee of one quarter by public policy.

However, in addition to their fee your Workers Compensation Lawyer may agree at the outset to pay for certain costs that come about in handling your case.  It is likely that they will seek recompense of these costs in addition to their fee and so you should not be surprised when your case is concluded and the Workers Compensation Lawyer walks away with more than a quarter of the amount.

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