Workers Compensation Doctor Reports

Workers Compensation Claim

The IME is often the lynch pin of a Workers Compensation claim and the report that comes from it can be the best piece of evidence your Workers Compensation Lawyer has.  Without a good report the most comprehensive IME will be useless.

When your Workers Compensation Lawyer sends you for an IME, they are not sending you to have the doctor treat your injuries.  Instead, the goal is to obtain a report from the doctor.  In this report the doctor gives your Workers Compensation Lawyer a great deal of information including:

  • Your Medical History
  • Your Description of your Injury
  • Your Description of the Accident
  • How the Accident Actually Caused the Injury
  • The Results of your physical exam
  • The results of any diagnostic testing performed
  • A review of your medical records that were provided by your Workers Compensation Lawyer
  • A diagnosis
  • An opinion as to the amount of disability and the permanency of the injury.

With the amount of information included in the report these can be very lengthy and as such can take time to produce.  However, the wait will be worth it to you and your Workers Compensation Lawyer if the result is a well crafted report.  A report that clearly shows a relationship between an accident and your injury will be more compelling to a judge and if it is compelling enough, the report may allow your Workers Compensation Lawyer to settle your case without having to go to trial or obtain further medical treatment for you.

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