Workers Compensation Disability Percentages

Workers Compensation

In Missouri when ever you have a Workers Compensation case it is always important to speak with a Workers Compensation Lawyer and one of the main reasons for this is the percentage of disability that is used in Workers Compensation cases.

In a normal injury case the negotiation for settlement usually centers on the amount of money that will be necessary for both sides to be comfortable with foregoing further litigation.  Workers Compensation cases are different in that the negotiation that takes place does not center on an amount of money in most instances.  Instead, your Workers Compensation Lawyer often speaks in terms of the amount of Permanent Disability and this is expressed as a percentage.  This value signifies the amount of loss your injury has caused you relative to your ability to function.  As such, if you are completely unable to use your arm your Workers Compensation Lawyer will claim that you have One Hundred percent disability as a result of your Work Injury.  In most cases there is not One hundred percent disability and so, it is often necessary for your Workers Compensation Lawyer to negotiate or put forth the best case possible for the highest amount of disability, the higher the percentage of disability you suffer in your Workers Compensation case, the greater your compensation will be.

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