Why Notice of the Injury is Necessary

Personal Injury

When you have suffered a work injury in Missouri there is a major hurdle that must be cleared very early if you are to file a claim and secure your rights.  This is the requirement for notice of the injury to your employer.

The rule in Missouri is that within thirty days of discovering the injury, it must be reported to the employer.  Most often this takes the form going and telling your supervisor that you were injured, how it happened and asking them for some sort of medical treatment.  If everything goes by the book they should document that you notified them of the injury and send you out for a medical evaluation and treatment, if necessary.

However, this is not always the case.  Luckily, if you decide to speak with and hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer immediately after the injury you may still satisfy Missouri’s notice requirement.  This is because if your Workers Compensation Lawyer files your claim within that thirty day time period, this will satisfy the notice requirement.

There is also a third way that the notice requirement may be satisfied.  The simple fact is that not everyone knows that they are required to inform their employer of a work injury and they may not go to a Workers Compensation Lawyer within thirty days of the accident.  However, when the employer has actual knowledge of the accident and/or injury, this is satisfactory.  An example would be working and something falls on you, which causes an injury and this all happens in plain view of your supervisor.  In that case the employer is deemed to have notice of the injury.

Though, the best course of action following a work injury is to immediately report it to your supervisor and ask for medical treatment.  After that you should contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer as soon as possible to file a claim.

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