Why is my Workers Compensation Case Taking So Long to Settle?

Workers Compensation

At some point almost every person that has a Workers Compensation Claim will ask, why is my claim taking so long to settle?  Unfortunately, Workers Compensation Claims are lawsuits and just like most other lawsuits they take time and move slowly.  There are a number of things that your Workers Compensation Lawyer does for you but they are only one part of many that decide the speed in which your case is dealt with.  Here are some of the others:

While this list is neat and put together, each of these components can take a period of months and your Workers Compensation Lawyer often cannot do anything to make them move more quickly.  One of the biggest problems is that in many instances while your Workers Compensation Lawyer may be ready to move on to another step, they are beholden to the schedule of another and while your case may be a top priority for your Workers Compensation Lawyer, it may not be for the other person.  Thus, once all these are added up it is easy to see how a Workers Compensation Case can take a period of years; especially, when we have not taken into account the schedule of the Division of Workers Compensation.

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