Why Hire Automobile Accident Attorneys (Part 1)?

Automobile Accident

A common question following an Automobile Accident is, why should I hire any Automobile Accident Attorneys?  Usually, this is because of two lines of thought.  First, the victim of the Automobile Accident may not be the “type” to file a lawsuit and second, even if they do want to obtain compensation for the Automobile Accident they think that they will end up with more money in their pocket if they do not have to share with any Automobile Accident Attorneys.

In relation to those people that think they are not the “type” to file a lawsuit there are a number of ways that they are selling themselves short by outright refusing to pursue a legal remedy with Automobile Accident Attorneys.

First, if the idea of having a trial to obtain some recovery seems daunting, the fact is that most cases never end up in a lawsuit being filed in a court and of those cases that are filed the majority never actually go to trial.  The majority of cases end in a negotiated settlement.

Second, there is the idea that the other driver in the Automobile Accident did not mean to cause the accident and you do not want to cause them any trouble by involving Automobile Accident Attorneys.  While negligence by definition lacks an intent to do harm, there is no reason that you should bear the entire burden of the accident.  Just because there was no intent to harm you does not mean you should not be compensated for the pain, required treatment and time lost.  Also, the other driver will be only tangentially bothered because they are required to have auto insurance and your Automobile Accident Attorneys will deal with the insurer not the driver.

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