What to do following a Slip and Fall.

Slip and Fall

One of the basic personal injury cases a Personal Injury Attorney handles is a slip and fall.  The typical formula for a slip and fall is a person is at a business or on property owned by another and due to a defect in the property the person slips, falls and suffers an injury.  The defect in the property can be any assortment of things, it can range from a wet floor, to a floor that is improperly constructed or debris can be left on a floor.  Basically, anything that should not be there that causes a person to fall qualifies.

Once the accident has happened the question for the person is what to do next.  The best course of action is to notify whoever has control of the property.  This means that if you slip and fall at a grocery store you should notify an employee and the manager.  They will usually make an accident report and this will help you and your Slip and Fall Attorneys on a number of fronts.

First, when the facility is not notified their insurers will often claim that no accident occurred or that it was not severe because they were not notified, by telling the facility immediately they cannot claim this later.  Second, if there was debris or something that was leaking the facility will often take pictures or keep the items as evidence and this can make it clear later on that a foreign substance caused the person’s fall.  By putting the location on notice of the slip and fall as soon as possible this will be one less hurdle for your Slip and Fall Attorneys when they attempt to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

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