What is Disability for Social Security?

Social Security

The application for Social Security Disability is the first step toward obtaining Social Security Insurance (SSI) benefits.  However, it is helpful to know what the Social Security Administration (SSA) is looking at when they make their determination, as well as the picture your Disability Lawyer is trying to paint when they work with the SSA.

First, in order for your Disability Lawyer to obtain benefits for you through the SSA, you must be disabled.  This means that your Disability Lawyer must show that you are no longer able to perform your previous job duties.  Additionally, you and your Disability Lawyer must be able to show that you would be unable to do some other work due to the nature of your medical problems.  Finally, your Disability Lawyer will show that the medical issues you are dealing with will last for more than a year.  If your medical problems lead you to believe that you would fit into this definition of disability you may want to contact a Disability Lawyer for more information.

When determining whether you meet this definition of disability the thing that will prove your case is your medical records.  As such, in addition to speaking with your Disability Lawyer, you may want to speak with your treating doctor to see what they think of your ability to work.  If their records show an overall opinion that you cannot longer perform your job duties, it is more likely that you will qualify for Social Security Disability.

If you would like more information about filing for Social Security Disability contact The Elster Firm to speak with a Disability Lawyer.

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