What is an IME and why do I need one?

Workers Compensation

One of the major tools any workers compensation attorney has is the Independent Medical Exam (IME).  Many injured workers wonder why it is necessary to go to a special doctor when they have completed treatment and why they cannot just use their regular doctor or the doctor that provided them with treatment.  In Missouri a workers compensation attorney will send an injured employee for an IME for a few reasons.

First, the report that is issued from an IME is one of the most important pieces of evidence if your case goes to trial.  While your workers compensation  attorney will also submit all of your treatment records as evidence, the IME report should synthesize all of those records for the Judge and explain how your accident caused the injury you are dealing with.  The IME report is the neat bow wrapping all of those treatment records together.  First and foremost that is why your workers compensation attorney will have you undergo an IME.

Another use of an IME is to obtain treatment for the injured employee.  It is not uncommon for an employer to deny that an injury took place or a doctor for the employer to state that there is no injury.  Through an IME the workers compensation attorney can gain a huge piece of evidence that shows that there was an accident and that the employee was injured.  Of course, the more medical treatment and records there are to support the IME the better and that is why your workers compensation attorney will tell you to get as much treatment as you think necessary.

These are a couple of major uses for an IME but this is by no means exhaustive.  Check back in the future to see what other uses your workers compensation attorney has for your IME.

This is provided for general informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.  The choice of an attorney is an important one and should not be based solely upon advertising.