Uninsured Motorcycle Accidents and Vexatious Refusal to Pay

Motorcycle Accident

In Missouri when you are involved in a Motorcycle Accident and the other driver is without insurance you need to speak with Motorcycle Accident Attorneys to see what options you may have; specifically, you need to look into having your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys file an uninsured motorist claim.  With an uninsured motorist claim your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys can attempt to recover for your injuries against your own insurance company; though it is important to have Motorcycle Accident Attorneys that can properly build your case and use their experience to negotiate the best outcome for you.

Unfortunately, even with the help of Motorcycle Accident Attorneys there is no guarantee that your insurance company will agree to settle your uninsured motorist claim.  In this situation it is even more important that you have the help  of Motorcycle Accident Attorneys who can file a lawsuit on your behalf that includes a count for vexatious refusal to pay.  When your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys file a claim for vexatious refusal to pay, they claim that your insurance company had knowledge of the accident, were given a demand for compensation, had the duty to compensate you under your contract with them, were given ample opportunity to perform their duty and refused to do so.  The benefit of filing this is twofold; first, it provides another way to recover in your lawsuit and second, it provides additional leverage in settlement negotiations.

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