Underinsured Auto Accident Coverage

Auto Accident

In Missouri insurance policies contain both uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage.  In either case it is advisable to consult Auto Accident Lawyers to make sure that when you deal with your insurance company, your position is being fully represented.

Underinsured motorist coverage is a part of your auto insurance policy that is in place to make sure that in the event of an Auto Accident where you suffer injuries, you will be fully compensated for the damage, pain and suffering.

Normally, after an Auto Accident your Auto Accident Lawyers negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company and if no settlement is able to be agreed upon your Auto Accident Lawyers will then file a lawsuit against the other driver, which their insurance company will defend with their own Auto Accident Lawyers.  However, it is not uncommon that the insurance company has agreed to certain limits with their insured and as such, they are able to pay an agreed upon maximum amount under the insurance policy.  Unfortunately, there are instances when the policy limit is less than the amount you may be due as a result of your accident.

In these situations it is very important that you have Auto Accident Lawyers that can help you seek additional compensation under the underinsured provisions of your own auto insurance policy.  In that situation, your own insurance is substituted as the “defendant” and your Auto Accident Lawyers will negotiate with them to make up the difference between the original insurers policy limits and the actual amount of compensation due to you.

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