The Use of Medical Records for Slip and Falls.

Slip and Fall

Clients sometimes wonder what the necessity of medical treatment and medical records are after a Slip and Fall accident.  While Slip and Fall Attorneys would love to be able to obtain compensation for their clients’ Slip and Fall accidents right after the accident and without any documentation, Slip and Fall Attorneys must prove that the injuries complained of were medically diagnosed.  That is why Slip and Fall Attorneys will go through the sometimes long process of waiting on the reception of their clients’ medical records before negotiating anything with the insurance company.

The medical records that Slip and Fall Attorneys receive are important in a few respects.  First, they document any treatment that was done for the client’s injuries.  In this way the certified records obtained by Slip and Fall Attorneys are prime evidence of an injury.  Second, the certified medical records give the diagnosis of the treating physician and this is important because this allows Slip and Fall Attorneys to judge the severity of the injuries their client suffered in the Slip and Fall Accident.  Finally, the certified medical records also include the medical bills that the hospital or doctor charged.

The bills are important to Slip and Fall Attorneys for a couple of reasons.  First, they allow Slip and Fall Attorneys to gauge the overall monetary value of the case.  Second, they allow Slip and Fall Attorneys to advise their clients as to how much will need to be repaid from any funds obtained and Slip and Fall Attorneys are able to negotiate a settlement accordingly.

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