Sports Injuries

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorneys will, from time to time, have prospective clients contact them about injuries they suffered while they were playing sports.  As with any physical activity, sports inherently expose participants to an increased risk of injury and that coupled with the weekend warrior mentality of many adult athletes can lead to sometimes serious injuries.

Unfortunately, in most instances Personal Injury Attorneys may be hard-pressed to help these prospective clients recover any damages for the injury they suffered as participants in an organized sports league.  In most cases your Personal Injury Attorneys will be hampered by the fact that you were a voluntary participant in the sporting activity and you implicitly or most likely explicitly assumed the risk associated with the sport.

However, that does not mean that Personal Injury Attorneys are completely unable to do anything when a sports injury is involved.  In certain cases Personal Injury Attorneys may be able to obtain damages on behalf of their client; one example of this would be where the injury was caused by the outrageous conduct of another participant, this could be reckless physicality that has gone well beyond the bounds of the rules of the league.

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