Sovereign Immunity and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents are a fact of every day life and at some point Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers come across Motor Vehicle Accidents where their prospective client was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident with a police officer, fire fighter or other public servant.  In cases like this it is important to immediately contact Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers as Motor Vehicle Accidents like these could involve complex legal questions that would require the expertise of Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers.

The major issue that will arise in a Motor Vehicle Accident with a public servant is the issue of Sovereign Immunity.  The basic idea behind Sovereign Immunity is that when the government or one of its agents injures a party while in the course of its routine functions, it cannot be held liable for the injury it has caused.  This means that a Motor Vehicle Accident with a public servant may not lead to liability on the part of the police station, fire department or whatever governmental body is at fault.

In Missouri, the issue of Sovereign Immunity is covered by statute and does have built in exceptions, some of which deal with Motor Vehicle Accidents.  In order to determine whether or not you would be able to hold the government liable for your Motor Vehicle Accident it would be necessary to look at the statute and see how the courts have applied the language of the statute.  Whenever this is the case it is best to have Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers handle this for you as they have the training and experience to handle the question best.

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