Social Security Disability, The Initial Application

Social Security Disability

More and more people are looking at filing for Social Security Disability, due to today’s poor economy.  The main program for people that can no longer work due to their health and age is Social Security Disability.  This program is best viewed as a government provided disability insurance policy.  This means that with every paycheck you are in essence paying a premium on your government provided insurance policy.  The question then becomes, how do I collect on my Social Security Disability Insurance.

The first step can be to speak with a Social Security Disability Lawyer.  At your initial meeting it is important to bring as much medical documentation as possible so that the Social Security Disability Lawyer can look at it and see what your treatment providers have been saying about your disability.

The next step will be to file the application for Social Security Disability.  This can be done in a number of ways.  First, you may have a Social Security Disability Lawyer do this for you or you have the option of doing it yourself.  Additionally, the application can be done online, it can be mailed in or you can schedule an appointment and work on it with a representative for the Social Security Administration.

Once, the initial application is filed it is likely that you will not receive an answer for a period of months.  Eventually, you will be notified whether you were found to be disabled or not.  If you were found to be disabled your benefits will begin with retroactive payment for your original date of disability.  If you were not found to be disable you can appeal but you should hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer if you have not thus far.

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