Social Security Disability Evidence

Social Security Disability

Evidence in Social Security Disability cases is what drives your case, just like any other legal matter.  As such, the Social Security Administration (SSA) and your Disability Lawyer are going to look very hard at your medical history to determine whether or not you qualify of Social Security Disability.  Your medical history is the most important piece of evidence because the opinions of the doctors that have treated you serve to inform the Administration about the extent of your disability.

When the initial application for Social Security Disability is filed you have the option to have a Disability Lawyer or not.  If you do not the SSA will go through the process of collecting your medical records, so that they can evaluate your case; it can be good to have the SSA collect the records as the cost of the medical records are more limited than if a Disability Lawyer obtains the records.  In order to be successful the treatment records need to show that your disability precludes you from doing your previous job or some other job.  Unfortunately, many applications are not approved on the initial application.

In instances of denial it is best to contact a Disability Lawyer.  They may be able to get a statement from the doctor that you are disabled and that acts as a capstone for the medical records.  Also, if there was an IME from a related Workers Compensation Case they may be able to use the reports generated there to supplement your Social Security Disability Application.  Finally, if a trial is needed your Disability Lawyer can help to present the evidence in the best light possible.

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