Social Security and Inability to Get Medical Treamtent

Social Security Disability

While the poor economy and high unemployment is spurring more people to talk with a Disability Lawyer about Social Security Disability it also has had another impact.  While more people are interested in finding out about Social Security, many are finding it difficult to put together the necessary medical evidence to present a successful case for Social Security Disability.  In instances where a person is interested in obtaining Social Security Disability but is unable to obtain medical treatment due to a lack of health insurance and the high cost of medical treatment it is of the utmost importance that they hire a Disability Lawyer to handle their case, as that will give them the best opportunity to work around there lack of supporting medical records.

The medical records regarding the person’s injury are the main body of evidence that the Social Security Administration will look at when determining an individuals ability to qualify for Social Security Disability.  Without any evidence supporting the person’s claim, the Social Security Administration will be hard-pressed to grant Social Security Disability without the use of a trial and this is why, in situations like this, a Disability Lawyer is needed.

A Disability Lawyer will be able to work around the dearth of evidence and give you the best chance of obtaining Social Security Disability.  Your Disability Lawyer will be able to bring out testimony that focuses on how your disability impacts your daily life and your ability to do your job.  Also, your Disability Lawyer will show what steps you have taken to obtain medical treatment and why it has been impossible for you to do so.  Without a Disability Lawyer at this stage it will be a very difficult case.

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