Snow Removal Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall

Severe winter weather often brings a slew of Slip and Fall clients to the offices of Slip and Fall Attorneys.  As snow and ice piles up the probability of a Slip and Fall accident increases dramatically and when that Slip and Fall happens at a business there is a good chance that you may have the ability to recover damages for the injuries you suffer in your Slip and Fall.

The first thing to note about a Slip and Fall accident due to snow and ice is that the mere presence of snow and ice alone may not be enough to allow you to recover damages for your Slip and Fall accident; for example, if you go to a business and there has been no effort to make clear the parking lot because the business is closed due to weather it may be difficult for your Slip and Fall Attorneys to recover anything for you because the case for the business being negligent is thin.

However, when a business is open during or after snowy weather and they make an effort to clear their business of snow and ice and you suffer a Slip and Fall due to snow and ice there is a case to be made that they negligently cleared their property and your Slip and Fall Attorneys may be able to help you recover damages for your Slip and Fall; this applies even where the property owner has cleared the area and additional snow and ice accumulate after their initial clearing.

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