Slip and Falls with Medicaid

Slip and Fall

In the winter months Slip and Fall Attorneys brace for an influx of new Slip and Fall claims that coincide with the coming of the snow and ice.  Along with many of these new Slip and Fall cases comes an old problem, Medicaid liens.

With the troubled economic times many people have suffered great financial difficulty and lost their medical insurance.  Medicaid is a government provided health insurance for individuals that have lower incomes.  While Medicaid is overall positive, in that it allows victims of Slip and Falls to obtain the medical treatment they need, it can be a headache for those persons’ without Slip and Fall Attorneys.

In Missouri Slip and Fall Attorneys are required to notify Medicaid whenever they have a Slip and Fall client that obtained medical treatment through Medicaid.  This means that in almost all cases Medicaid is able to put a lien on the Slip and Fall case and whenever there is a lien of any kind on your Slip and Fall case it is good to have the help of some Slip and Fall Attorneys.  The problem with the Medicaid lien is that it often means that the finalization of the case will be delayed as Medicaid sorts out the amount of their lien but your Slip and Fall Attorneys should handle this for you, relieving much of your stress in dealing with Medicaid.  Also, with a lien Medicaid is paid by the defendant in your case, which means they will get paid at the same time you do; here, it is also good to have Slip and Fall Attorneys that will be able to negotiate with Medicaid to lower the overall amount of the claimed lien.

If you are on Medicaid and have suffered a Slip and Fall you should speak with Slip and Fall Attorneys about your case and for a free consultation about your Slip and Fall contact The Elster Firm.

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