Slip and Falls in Government Buildings

Slip and Fall

The majority of cases Slip and Fall Attorneys handle deal with Slip and Fall accidents that occurred at a privately owned building, often a business.  In this situation your Slip and Fall Attorneys need only show that the property owner was in charge of keeping the property safe and that their failure to do so led to your Slip and Fall accident.  However, there are instances where the Slip and Fall that caused your injuries took place at a government owned or operated facility.  In this situation it is important to speak with Slip and Fall Attorneys as soon as possible.

When your Slip and Fall accident takes place at a government facility Slip and Fall Attorneys will still need to show that the building was under the control of the government and that they had a duty to keep that building safe for people coming and going.  Also, your Slip and Fall Attorneys will need to show that the government failed to keep the building safe and because of that you suffered a Slip and Fall that caused your injuries; this is the same as if your Slip and Fall occurred at a privately owned building.  With the government building it is likely that they will claim sovereign immunity in your Slip and Fall case, which means that they cannot be sued because they are the government.  There are exceptions to this defense but technical legal arguments will be involved and you will need the help of Slip and Fall Attorneys.

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