Slip and Falls Because of Apartment Building Snow and Ice

Slip and Fall

With the snow and ice brought by winter the simple act of walking can be a treacherous proposition and Slip and Fall Attorneys often see a rise in the number of Slip and Fall accidents.  One of the most common places that Slip and Fall Attorneys see accidents due to snow and ice are at apartment complexes or condominiums.

Due to the nature of apartment complexes and condominiums, with their numerous walkways, parking lots, stairs and ramps snow and ice accumulation is very common and often difficult to keep in check.  As such, Slip and Fall Attorneys often see injuries to knees, backs or arms due to the hazardous conditions of the apartment complex and often these injuries can be significant enough to require surgery to repair them.

While Slip and Fall Attorneys often have little problem proving that an injury exists due to the Slip and Fall, the fight is usually over whether or not the accident can be attributed to the apartment complex or condominium association; this is why the aid of Slip and Fall Attorneys can be so important.  Generally, apartment complexes and condominium associations have a duty to keep walkways and parking lots clear but this can be difficult in a snow storm.  However, if the apartment complex or condominium association has cleared the path to only allow snow and ice to immediately accumulate or the original job was done poorly, so that the path was still hazardous, then there is a foundation for the claim that liability rests with the apartment complex.  Due to the need to prove this it is always advisable to speak with Slip and Fall Attorneys prior to any action for your injuries.

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