Slip and Fall Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death cases are most common in car accidents, truck accidents or anything else that may involve the use of heavy machinery or high speeds.  That does not mean that Slip and Fall accidents cannot be the source of a Wrongful Death case and  when a Slip and Fall does lead to the necessity to file a Slip and Fall case the help of Slip and Fall Attorneys can mean everything.

While most Slip and Fall injuries are fairly inoccuos, severe injury can result from a Slip and Fall, especially when snow and ice are involved.  Often, Slip and Fall Attorneys will see injuries that are limited in severity to broken bones or soft tissue injuries, which include tears.  However, there are any number of ways that a Slip and Fall may unfortunately lead to a Wrongful Death.  In that situation Slip and Fall Attorneys that are familiar with Wrongful Death cases will be necessary to make sure your case is represented to the fullest.

In a Missouri Wrongful Death case, even one that is based in a Slip and Fall, there are specific rules on who may file a claim for Wrongful Death, when it may be filed, who may receive compensation from any proceeds generated by the Wrongful Death claim and how much each party entitled to receive will obtain.  As such, Slip and Fall Attorneys that are familiar with Wrongful Death cases are necessary when you believe you have a Slip and Fall case that will create a Wrongful Death case.

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