Slip and Fall Pressure Points

Slip and Fall

When you have been involved in a Slip and Fall accident the business’ insurer will most likely contact you as soon as possible to try to force a settlement early that will cause you to forefeit much of the value of your Slip and Fall case.  With Slip and Fall Attorneys you will be able to make sure this does not happen but that does not mean that the insurance company will not fight your Slip and Fall Attorneys to limit the amount the insurance company is on the hook for.

In the negotiation between your Slip and Fall Attorneys and the insurance company the first place that the insurance company will try to exert pressure is how the accident happened.  Without fail, the insurance company will try to get you and your Slip and Fall Attorneys to believe that the cause of the accident was not the business’ fault or that you helped cause the accident.  It is important that you have Slip and Fall Attorneys working for you at this point because the insurer, with its experience, can be convincing or try to use strong arm tactics to make you discount the value of your case.

The second area that the insurer will try to pressure you and your Slip and Fall Attorneys on is the extent of your injuries.  They will try to claim that the Slip and Fall could not cause the injuries you suffered or that while you may have been hurt, you were not hurt as much as you claim.  Again it is important to have the support of Slip and Fall Attorneys who will be able to cut through these arguments in an effort to get you the best result possible.

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