Slip and Fall on Private Property

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Attorneys often deal with Slip and Fall accidents that happen on private property but in most instances the private property is some sort of business where the person that suffered the Slip and Fall was implicitly invited on to the property, i.e. a grocery store or an apartment complex where they may be tenants.  However, Slip and Fall Attorneys will also deal with Slip and Fall cases on private property that may not be a business, the best example being someone else’s residence.

When Slip and Fall Attorneys are presented with Slip and Fall cases that happened on private property like that there are some issues that immediately come up.  The first, issue is whether or not the property owner was negligent and allowed their property to be in such disrepair that a Slip and Fall case would be appropriate.  The next issue is even if the property was the cause of the Slip and Fall accident is the property owner able to pay the damages that the injured party has incurred; specifically, in the case of a private residence is it covered by homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.  Lack of sufficient or any insurance coverage can make a Slip and Fall case a fool’s errand as it may be impossible to recover any damages despite a favorable judgment.  These are only a few issue raised with Slip and Falls on private property and there are yet more, which makes consultation with Slip and Fall Attorneys highly advisable.

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