Slip and Fall Negotiations

Slip and Fall

The major reason that people hire Slip and Fall Attorneys after a Slip and Fall is to have them negotiate with the insurance company.  While some people will try negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on their own, this will actually end up costing them money in the end.  While hiring Slip and Fall Attorneys does mean that any compensation received from the insurance company will be split between the client and their Slip and Fall Attorneys, the overall amount you can expect to receive from the insurance company when Slip and Fall Attorneys are involved is greater.  In Slip and Fall cases the old adage that you have to spend money to make money applies.

There are a few reasons why hiring Slip and Fall Attorneys will increase the overall amount of compensation.  First, with Slip and Fall Attorneys representing you the threat of litigation is much more real.  In most cases insurance companies would like to settle the case without any litigation because when a case is litigated they have to pay expensive defense attorneys and the company ends up paying more as the case progresses.

Second, Slip and Fall Attorneys are used to dealing with medical records and bills.  As such, they are able to better analyze the merits of their client’s case and they will  be able to better advocate their position in negotiations with the insurance company.

Finally, Slip and Fall Attorneys routinely negotiate settlements.  Negotiation truly is an art that needs to be practiced and the more negotiations you have been in, the more comfortable you will be.  Slip and Fall Attorneys major function is negotiation and so they often have expertise that most non-attorneys do not.

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