Slip and Fall Medical Bills

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Attorneys are often asked about the cost of medical treatment after a Slip and Fall.  This can often be the most important question that a Slip and Fall victim has, since the cost of medical treatment can add up very quickly and lead to bills that may be more than they are able to handle.

Most often Slip and Fall Attorneys are confronted by questions of medical bills when the person that suffered the Slip and Fall is without any insurance and since the recession and jobless recovery from it this person has become more common.  Slip and Fall Attorneys may be able to help make sure that the medical bills you incur for the necessary treatment of your Slip and Fall injuries are covered by the settlement you receive from the insurer on the other side.  Also, your Slip and Fall Attorneys may be able to speak with the treatment providers, so that the provider may give you more time before sending your case to collections.

For those covered by government insurance such as Medicaid, Slip and Fall Attorneys will help make sure that the lien that is put on your case for the medical treatment you received is dealt with and possibly negotiated down, which could mean more money in your pocket.

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