Slip and Fall Liens

Slip and Fall

When people hire Slip and Fall Attorneys to handle their Slip and Fall case they often leave the initial meeting hoping that they will have a million dollar settlement in a matter of days and weeks.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case but you can rest assured that when you hire Slip and Fall Attorneys you will have increased the value of your case, though it may still take time to obtain a settlement on your behalf and one of the issues that may arise is a lien on any settlement you do receive.

A lien is simply a legal right of a another party to a portion of your settlement.  Notably, your Slip and Fall Attorneys usually secure their lien at the beginning of their representation to ensure that they receive their fee at the conclusion.  A more problematic lien for Slip and Fall Attorneys and their clients are medical liens, which are secured in the name of hospitals or doctors that provided treatment for the client’s injuries.  With many more people out of work and by extension more people foregoing medical insurance, liens of this nature are very commonplace.

With a lien like this the hospital or doctor will be entitled to a portion of the settlement funds and if they secured their lien properly their name may appear on the settlement check.  In these situations Slip and Fall Attorneys must obtain the signature of the facility in order to be able to disperse the funds to all parties.  However, with Slip and Fall Attorneys there is always that hope that they will be able to negotiate down the amount of the lien, which secures greater compensation for the clients of Slip and Fall Attorneys.

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