Slip and Fall Depositions

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Attorneys can often help you forego the need of filing a lawsuit to recover for your Slip and Fall injury.  However, there is no guarantee that even with Slip and Fall Attorneys working to help you recover for your Slip and Fall that the insurance company will be able to give you what you and your Slip and Fall Attorneys think you are entitled to.  In that case your Slip and Fall Attorneys may advise you that you need to file a lawsuit in order to refresh the negotiations and make the threat of trial real.  If your Slip and Fall leads to the filing of a lawsuit it is probable that before you see any kind of recovery you will need to have a deposition that covers your Slip and Fall.

A deposition is testimony that happens outside of court.  At your Slip and Fall deposition your Slip and Fall Attorneys will be present, as well an attorney for the insurer and the only other party, in most cases, is the court reporter who takes down everything that is said in the deposition.  Generally, a Slip and Fall deposition will cover a few subjects in varying detail; these include your work history, your educational background, your family background, how the injury occurred, why you were on the property, the injuries you sustained and the medical treatment you were required to undergo as a result of your Slip and Fall.  Throughout this process your Slip and Fall Attorneys will be present and will make objections where it is necessary.

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