Reinjuries in Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

As a Workers Compensation Lawyer it is very common that you will see clients over their entire life, not just for a single Workers Compensation injury.  Often the client of a Workers Compensation Lawyer, due to the physical nature of their employment will suffer multiple workplace injuries that they will need the help of their Workers Compensation Lawyer to deal with.  In some instances these workplace injuries may even be repeated injuries to the same part of the body.

In the Workers Compensation system every new injury entitles the injured worker to medical treatment provided by the employer, temporary disability payments when the worker is unable to work due to the injury (TTD) and compensation for the overall loss of functionality associated with the work injury.  The fact that a body part may have been injured and then even years later reinjured does not foreclose a worker from his rights under Workers Compensation.  However, where a body part has suffered multiple injuries it may be even more important for that worker to hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer.

In instances like this a Workers Compensation Lawyer will work with you to make sure that you receive the treatment and compensation you deserve.  It is not uncommon in cases like this that employer’s insurer will try to say that the new injury is just the same old injury that you may have had years earlier and based on that they may fight you harder than they did previously.  If that happens you will need the help of a Workers Compensation Lawyer to make sure the Workers Compensation system works for you.

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