Recorded Statements in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accident

After a Motor Vehicle Accident, insurers will sometimes ask for a statement from the injured party.  The recorded statement after a Motor Vehicle Accident is the insurance company’s opportunity to obtain your account of the Motor Vehicle Accident.  The representative for the insurance company will contact you by phone or in person and ask you about the Motor Vehicle Accident and the entire interview will be recorded; during this interview you are able to have your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers present to advise you and it is always advisable to have your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers present.

Even at the stage of the recorded statement following a Motor Vehicle Accident, it is advisable to have your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers present.  While the recorded statement is usually very general, it is not uncommon that the insurance investigator may get into issues that are irrelevant or repetitious.  Your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers will be able to make sure that only what is necessary is covered and provide support to you so that you do not say something that you may not mean.

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