Personal Injury Recorded Statements

Personal Injury

What many people do not realize before they speak with Personal Injury Attorneys is that in most instances your Personal Injury Attorneys do not deal directly with the party that caused your injury and often any damages you receive do not come from them personally.  Instead most of the work your Personal Injury Attorneys do is with the insurer of the party responsible for your Personal Injury and in most cases that is who is paying your damages.

Often after you have suffered a Personal Injury the insurer for the party at fault will request a recorded statement.  This is an informal interview where a representative of the insurance company will ask you questions about your accident, your injuries and the medical care that you required.  The interview can be done over the phone but in many instances the representative from the insurance company may conduct the recorded statement in person.  In any event it can be very helpful to have the representation of Personal Injury Attorneys before you give a recorded statement.

Despite the statement being informal, Personal Injury Attorneys can make sure that the interview does not become overbroad and spill over into areas that are irrelevant or inappropriate.  Also, the experience of Personal Injury Attorneys often serves to soothe any nerves that Personal Injury Clients may have about an impending Recorded Statement, as the process is often novel to them.

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