Personal Injury Damages

Personal Injury

What are Personal Injury Damages?  While many people believe that they know what these are, this term actually can encompass a wide variety of things.  At the basest of views Personal Injury Damages are the reason that people speak with and hire Personal Injury Attorneys.  They are the fruit of the labor that your Personal Injury Attorneys provide when they negotiate your case or sue someone or something on your behalf.

In a Personal Injury case your Personal Injury Attorneys will look at a number of different things in order to obtain Personal Injury damages on your behalf.  The most common of these are damages for pain and suffering and television has made this term ubiquitous to non-lawyers.  With these damages your Personal Injury Attorneys will seek compensation for the pain and suffering that you endured as a result of the accident.  In most instances these consist of physical pain stemming from some physical trauma; in some cases there are grounds for pain and suffering of a psychic or emotional nature but this constitutes a more narrow spectrum of cases and consultation with Personal Injury Attorneys is always advisable in those situations.

Additionally, your Personal Injury Attorneys will seek damages for lost income due to time you may have lost at work.  Your Personal Injury Attorneys could seek restitution for the cost of medical treatment you underwent or will need in the future.  Additionally, they can seek punitive damages if the defendant’s actions were exceptionally heinous.  Due to the wide range of Personal Injury damages and the even wider range in how they are valued, it is important to speak with Personal Injury Attorneys whenever you believe that you may be entitled to compensation for an injury you suffered.

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