Personal Injury Consultations

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorneys deal with a wide variety of cases.  These may range from Car Accidents to Slip and Falls, some even expand beyond Personal Injury cases to other injury related areas of the law like Workers Compensation or Social Security Disability.  However, before Personal Injury Attorneys take any case they will want to consult with their prospective client in some sort of consultation.

In most instances the initial consultation with your Personal Injury Attorneys will take place at their office but many Personal Injury Attorneys realize that the very nature of their business means that prospective clients may be unable to travel and therefore, it is not uncommon for Personal Injury Attorneys to meet prospective clients at their homes for an initial consultation.  Wherever the meeting may take place, the initial consultation is always informal and is more than anything an opportunity for both you and your Personal Injury Attorneys to exchange information and determine if the relationship will be a good fit.

For your Personal Injury Attorneys the initial consultation is a chance to learn about your accident, the cause, the injuries you suffered, the medical treatment you have had or will have and your expectations for your Personal Injury Case.  For the prospective client the initial consultation with Personal Injury Attorneys is an opportunity to get a professional opinion about the case and to determine if the Personal Injury Attorneys will be a good fit for them.

If you have a Personal Injury case and would like to speak with Personal Injury Attorneys contact The Elster Firm for a free consultation.

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